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Tununrmiut Rinit Corp. (TRC)

PO Box 89
Tununak, AK 99681
Tel: (907)-652-6311
Irma P. Goodwine
George Kanrilak
Vice Chairperson
Each board member is elected from qualified shareholders of Tununrmiut Rinit Corp. The interested shareholder must submit his or her name to be considered for vote by the shareholders prior to the annual shareholders meeting held in November of each year. The interested person must be eighteen years of age or older to have his or her name placed onto the ballot.

After the shareholders elections the top vote getters are seated on the board of directors. At the first meeting of the board, the directors select officers to fill positions within the board. 

Each board member has a term limit of 1 to 3 years, depending on the position voted into. The board of directors vote each officers position and is filled from amongst themselves. 

In a case where there becomes a vacancy in a position of officers due to death, resignation, or removal from the board by the shareholders, the remaining board of directors can fill the vacant position for the unexpired term of that position. If the appointed person decides to run for the board again she must submit her name to the elections committee prior to the annual shareholders meeting for consideration to the board.

Nomination letters and proxies are sent to each shareholder at least three months prior to the annual shareholder's meeting.

Georgianna Spear
Felix E. Albert
Frank Flynn

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